Restore. Reset. Rejuvenate.
 Online Mantra Meditation + Ayurvedic Cleanse Program

Anandra George + Dipika Delmenico

 40 Day Program commences January 24, 2020
 About the Program  

If you’ve tried meditating before and haven’t enjoyed it or been happily consistent with it, or tried cleansing but didn’t feel safe or supported with the medical and subtle aspects of the transformation, Anandra and Dipika have come together again to bring you a unique 40-day program created just for you.

Establishing a regular meditation practice is perhaps the single most important insurance that your life will unfold according to its highest potential. Without nourishing our innermost connection to Self, we risk proceeding through life pulled by one reaction after another, bound by chronic stress to perpetuate old habits. In this course we’ll share a simple 20-minute sound-based yoga practice that has a profound transformational effect.

Rejuvenating your physical body simultaneously using time-honored Ayurvedic recipes for cleansing just might catapult your New Year into a glorious trajectory worthy of your truest heart and soul. Cleansing recalibrates bringing renewal and vitality for living. Ayurveda has one of the most sophisticated, simple, and effective ways to cleanse the tissues, channels & organs of your entire being. It is ancient intelligence for modern living.

This cleanse embodies this intelligence in a simple, practical and penetrating way that creates lightness in your body and being.

Why 40 Days? Why Now?

It takes time to establish a new healthy habit. A duration of 40 days, starting on the first new moon of the year, is perfectly timed to start this excellent and auspicious endeavor!

Without a conscious connection with your inner Self (renewed daily in meditation), living a graceful, fulfilling life will always feel like an uphill battle, with satisfaction always remaining frustratingly out of reach. With it, however, deep peace becomes your natural state, and your highest life potential can blossom… with ease.

You will begin to reorient your life to source from your inner Self… to cause your life and circumstances, rather than react. Your true potential is waiting for you.

In the Mantra and Nāda Yoga part of the course, we’ll go deep into the Source of the Sound to discover natural, spontaneous meditation. You’ll receive a series of training videos where you’ll learn the Sanskrit mantra practice in depth, as well as learn a profound Nāda Yoga practice that you can do anytime, anywhere. In the two live Q&A calls with Anandra, we’ll support each other through some of the common pitfalls of establishing a meditation practice, and have fun along the way!

In the Ayurvedic cleanse part of the course, you’ll receive shopping lists, recipes, cleanse instructions and complete support to engage the delicious, warm and grounding mung bean soup cleanse. In the two live Q & A calls with Dipika, you’ll have a chance to get individual support and hear her wise tips and tricks gained from supporting thousands of people through the same cleanse over the past 20 years.

Program Includes:
  • Exclusive video course content and sound recordings of the mantras
  • Four Live Q & A opportunities (2 with Dipika, and 2 with Anandra). Sessions will be recorded and accessible online for those who can’t make the live sessions
  • Printable supporting documents outlining the mantra practice as well as the complete cleanse protocol
  • Exclusive private Facebook discussion group, where you can ask Anandra and Dipika questions and get their personal responses.
  • A company of a global community of like-minded beautiful soulds to encourage you, share the ups and downs of the journey with, and keep you accountable to your commitment to your Self
  • Access to all of the course educational materials for 12 months, so you can do it again and again if you wish!

All for just US$222 !